How to Nail Consistent Tone in Writing Every Time

To have a consistent writing style, it helps to have the same people doing most of the writing.

But in any case, you should have a brand writing guidelines that explain the following:

– Brand tone: How do you want your writing to be perceived? This will depend on your brand positioning. Example styles: Serious and textbook-y; scientific and analytical; conversational and straightforward; humorous and satirical. (It helps to also include examples of other people’s content to use as a reference point.)

– Point of view: Once you’ve determined the tone, you can figure out the best point of view. Third-person sounds authoritative but can feel detached. First person “we” represents the company in a more conversational way and makes it feel more personal, and “I” even more so (though the focus being more on the individual writer).

– Formatting style: Formatting contributes significantly to how content is read. For example, all blog posts should have similar paragraph lengths, the same frequency and types of subheaders, etc. Establish these guidelines so things look consistent.

– Content expectations: What elements need to be included in the writing? Must you have a call-to-action? Supporting research with external or internal sources linked to back up your claims? [Read More]

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