Why Big Brands Prefer Instagram Stories Over Snap Chat and What You Need to Know

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Picture courtesy of Pinterest

Recently, Instagram introduced its Snapchat-inspired “Stories” feature. Similar to Snapchat, users can share multiple 10-second videos to create a particular story throughout the day. The story is then displayed in a slideshow format at the top of your feed for a 24-hour period before it disappears for good. You can be creative with the content and add text, emojis, and free hand drawings.

Wall Street Journal reported that a flurry of brands including CNN, GE, People, Mountain Dew, Cosmopolitan, and Nike have begun to produce Stories regularly, and some say they see solid early viewership numbers. While brands are gravitating to Instagram for its live-stream video for better reach with some audience, Snapchat maintains it’s allure in the teen and tween category.

So, why are so many big brands taking to Instagram Stories?

Instagram has a larger reach. According to Laundry Service, Nike’s social media agency, a story on Instagram generated 800,000 views in 24 hours compared to 66,000 views for its best video on Snapchat. With Instagram having twice the number of users than Instagram, it’s no surprise that Stories garner more views than Snapchat. And, unlike Snapchat users do not have to follow your account to see your story.

Finding followers on Instagram is easier. “Instagram is a follower platform where Snapchat is more of a best friend platform,” said Dan Grossman, vice president of platform partnership at Vayner Media. “Snapchat hasn’t encouraged brands to build up huge followings.”

Instagram Stories helps build a deeper connection with your audience. Live streaming is intimate and allows your brand to connect on a deeper level with brands than ever before. With the right tactics, people can see the folks behind the scenes driving the brand. They want to see you in action, hear your brand’s story, and take tours of your office. People can emotionally connect a lot deeper with your brand when you become transparent.


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