7 Habits of Highly Successful Wedding Pros


  Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Have you ever wondered the habit of the highly successful wedding professionals? Here’s a list of  successful habits of wedding pros.
They position themselves as wedding industry experts. Successful wedding pros are the creme of the crop. They are the best at what they do and not afraid to show it. They create trends and leverage their knowledge and experience to develop new concepts and sway the market.

To answer the call of an expert start by claiming your expert status. You don’t have to be called an expert to be one. Your personal story and experience make you an expert in your own right.

They continue to learn and grow professionally. Highly successful wedding pros are perpetual learners. They are constantly attending educational webinars and conferences to stay on top of the latest wedding trends and technology. The wedding industry is a rapidly changing industry. Not only are wedding trends changing, your customer and the tools they are using to make purchase decisions are also changing.

Check out the National Association for Catering and Events for a list of upcoming conferences in your area.

They know their target audience. The Knot’s Real Wedding Study revealed that the average bride is 28 years old and the average groom, 30–putting them in the millennial category. Millennial couples are vastly different than the Generation X couple you served 10 or 15 years ago.

Knowing the millennial couples’ habits, buying triggers and consumer needs will help you better engage and save money on misaligned marketing with little ROI.

Click here to download The 10 Important Facts You Need to Know Before Marketing to Millennials Couples.

They meet their clients where they are. Couples can find wedding inspiration from a number of resources. Magazines, wedding blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram, are just a few of the options for wedding inspiration. Can your target find you in these resources?

Six out of 10 couples are using their smartphones for wedding planning. Do you have a mobile marketing strategy in place? Successful wedding pros are going where their customer are–whether online or off.

They manage their own reputation. Successful wedding pros manage their reputation by providing excellent service. Happy customers will likely refer you to their friends and write a positive review for you (And, it’s ok to ask for them). A Bazaarvoice study revealed that 76% of consumers regularly use online reviews to determine which business to use.

Positive press coverage and community involvement are additional ways to manage your reputation. Highly successful pros employ agencies to create public relations strategies to leverage their brands and optimize their reputation.

They optimize their websites.  Responsive layouts, SEO keywords, a solid content strategy with clear call-to-actions all contribute to an optimized website. And, you guessed it, the pros are doing it all–consistently. Making sure these items are in place can move you up the foo chain in online search and help your customer find you on the web.

Check out Google’s easy-to-understand guide on how to optimize your website for better search results. 

They test and measure everything. Brit Morin, founder of Brit+Co, says the measuring with data is the most important thing she has learned. She says A/B test everything!

Successful professionals from every industry analyze rankings and web traffic to determine the effectiveness of their programs. The key is to know what you’re analyzing and make favorable adjustments with findings.

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