Brit+Co Founder Says THIS is the Most Important Thing Startups Can Do

Brit Morin is the founder of Brit + Co, an online media and e-commerce platform that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls. Brit found Brit+Co in 2011 and in June the company reported have raised $20 billion. Brit+Co is the number one DIY destination on the web, reaching more than 12 million people each month.

Recently, Brit sat down with Google Ventures to share lessons she has learned through founding her company.

In the interview, Brit said,

“A/B test everything. It’s something I learned at Google that I’ll carry with me throughout my entire career.”

Ok, so what is A/B testing? A/B Testing (also known as split test) is comparing two elements of a page, like the headline or call-to-action to see which one performs better. It is a method for validating that any new addition or change to your marketing will improve its conversion rate. You can split your audience into equal groups, share a different version of your content, and discover which version resonates most strongly. The one that gives a better conversion rate, wins!

A/B testing is the best indicator of what works in your marketing.

A-B Test

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Continuously testing different aspects of your content will not only yield greater results, but will also give you a better understanding of your customers. Having clarity on what your customers prefer can improve your marketing in other channels as well.

Where do I start? If you’re looking to convert visitors to customers, you MUST A/B test.

Decide what you want to test– There are so many variables you can test. In addition to testing images or text size, consider alternatives for design, wording, and layout. We encourage testing non-tangible variables, too.  For instance, you can test timing, alignment between an email and a landing page, and unique target audiences.

Determine the significance of your test- Before you launch your test, think about the impact of your results.  Set a measurable goal for the winning variation before you start testing. If you are not sure of the goal. Try to aim for the 97-99% range.

Best Practice for Effective A/B Testing

What they like to AB test

Image source: Conversion XL

Conduct one test at a time—Testing more than one variable can skew your results. If you’re testing an email campaign that directs to a landing page and at the same time, you’re A/B testing that landing page, your results can easily get skewed. How would you know which change caused the increase in leads?

Test one element at a time—To evaluate how effective an element on your page is, you need to isolate that variable in your A/B test. Test one element at a time.

Test minor variations—Major changes can increase your conversion rates, but small changes can make big a big impact, too. A simple change is the color of your Call to Action button can drive big improvements. Typically, minor changes are usually easier to measure.

Test at the same time—Timing plays a significant role in your campaign’s results. Remember to note the time of day, the day of the week, month, and year. If you were to run Test A during one month and Test B a month later, you wouldn’t know whether the changed response rate was a result of the different template or the different month. A/B testing requires you to run the two or more variations at the same time.

So what does this mean to you? Are you A/B Testing already? What are your best practices for testing variables in your content?


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